Mercedes-Benz Service 24h.

In the event of a breakdown, an accident, a minor mishap or vandalism, our experts throughout Europe ensure that you stay mobile.

By performing repairs on the spot, providing a replacement vehicle or organizing airline tickets.

And should you prefer to relax whilst waiting for your vehicle to be repaired, we will gladly pay for your hotel accommodation.

One phone call is all it takes. Call 00800 1 777 7777. We are waiting to help.

If the worst comes to the worst, you can call upon over 3000 authorised Mercedes-Benz service partners in over 40 European countries – one of Europe's largest service networks.

The previous product called MobiloLife is valid for vehicles first registered between 24.10.1998 and 31.03.2008, provided the mobility solution has been regularly extended or reactivated by servicing the vehicle at an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership.

In the case you have an accident – follow these steps:
Step 1:Put on fluorescent jacket, secure the accident site and provide first aid.
Step 2:Report emergency to rescue services or police (if necessary).
Step 3:Enter accident data in accident log.
Step 4:Take photos of vehicles involved in the accident and of the accident site.
Step 5:Call the Mercedes-Benz Service hotline at 00800 1 777 7777, describe the type of damage and have vehicle documents on hand. A Mercedes-Benz service employee will process your case and actively support you in taking additional steps. This includes organising transport of your vehicle to the prioritised Mercedes-Benz Service Centre and ensuring that you remain mobile.